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Ongoing Projects
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Dr.-Ing. Matthes Elstermann

Completed Projects
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3DConFu: 3D reconstruction of rooms and intelligent configuration of furniture


Development of an adaptable set of tools for strategic product planning

Capability Appraisal and Requirements evaluation for Configuration Management is a project aiming at developing an appraisal framework for evaluating the Configuration Management Maturity of German Industry. 

China European Network on the Net

Development of an inteRActive EnGineering Portal for Open Networks

For the project "DriveSim", IMI team develops a novel intelligent driving simulator that is tailored to the needs of the Chinese driving school students using technology like virtual reality and artificial intelliegence to create experience closest to reality.

EVEIL 3D – Learning Languages in 3D virtual environments

Information logistics for the Internet-based process interaction in cross-sector cooperations

Klassifikationssysteme automatisiert erstellen

Knowledge-based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization

An Internet-based Collaborative Platform for Managing Manufacturing Knowledge

Knowledge Based Customized Services for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors Provided by a Network of High Tech SME

Flexible assembly processes for the Car of the Third Millennium

SFB 346 "Computer Integrated Design and Manufacturing of Components"

Construction of a simulation model for the qualification of the new vibration method for decontamination of pipelines

Experiencing Physical and Technical Phenomena in Schools Using Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

Flexible Change Management for the Factory of the Future

"Multidimensional Service Prototyping" and development of tecniques and tecnologies for "Rapid-Service-Prototyping"

Integrated and interdisciplinary product and process model in the early phase of product development. Development of a data model for a collaborative knowledge-based product program, product portfolio and project management under aspects of frontloading