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Change in Leadership at IMI

Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova KIT/IMI
Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova
Prof. Anne Meyer KIT
Prof. Anne Meyer

The anniversary event and the book "20 Years IMI" in October 2023 impressively demonstrated that Professor Jivka Ovtcharova has significantly shaped the history of IMI as the institute's director since the early 2000s. With her research and teaching in the fields of Virtual Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management, followed by Digital Twins, Smart Immersive Environments, and Artificial Intelligence, she has made measurable contributions beyond the research community and into the business world. The Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center (LESC), the Industrie 4.0 Collaboration Lab (I4.0 Lab), and the Center for Artificial Intelligence Talents (CAIT), founded and led by her, have set new standards for a modern, practice-oriented engineering education.

With the turn of the year, the transition of institute leadership to Professor Anne Meyer has taken place. Since September 2023, she has held the chair of "Data Science in Mechanical Engineering" at IMI. Previously, she spent five years as a junior professor and later as a professor of "Digitization in Business Logistics and Supply Chain Management" at TU Dortmund. For her, data science means providing methods that enable good decisions to be made based on data, either by humans or by machines. The selection and appropriate combination of data science methods, depending on the task, objective, and available data, are the central focus of her research here at the institute.

Professor Jivka Ovtcharova, now relieved of her duties as a professor, assumes the project leadership of the flagship project RegioMORE and continues to provide advisory support to the institute with her experience and extensive network in research and business.


Review of the first XIRCON symposium in Chalon-sur-Saône

The theme of the French-German symposium was ‘eXtended Intelligence for Rapid Cognitive Reconfiguration’, which also reflects the essence of the Innovation Campus Future Mobility project XIRCON.

Ecovity - The digital ecosystem for customised vehicles

The IntWertL research project, funded by the BMWK and the EU, was launched over a year and a half ago with the aim of ‘Faster to customised vehicles’. KIT is participating with its IMI and IIP institutes. Together with 18 other partners from science and industry, they are working on a digital value creation network. Small and medium-sized enterprises are being enabled to bring customised vehicles onto the market in small quantities, more cost-effectively and faster than before. 

FlexToolsFraunhofer IML – Michael Neuhaus
Collaborative Project FlexTools

New propulsion and vehicle concepts in the automotive industry increasingly require automation solutions. However, outdated IT systems, lack of expertise, and unfavorable infrastructures hinder the implementation of such solutions, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To overcome these barriers, researchers from KIT, in collaboration with industry and research partners, are developing a comprehensive toolkit in the joint project FlexTools. This toolkit aims to enable cost-effective adoption of mobile robotics in SMEs in the automotive and supplier industry.

 Senate of Economy Europe Senate of Economy Europe
Establishment of Open Innovation European Institute

European Open Innovation Institute (openIEI) was founded during the EUROPATAG event by the Senate of Economy Europe in Berlin, with the goal of establishing an innovation hub to drive sustainable and competitive Europe through European innovation values, led by Professor Jivka Ovtcharova. The openIEI aims to accelerate European innovation cycles and shorten the path "From Vision to Market" by implementing the principles of open innovation.

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