Decision support advisor for innovative business models and user engagement for smart energy efficient disctircs


Decision support Advisor for innovative business models and useR engagement for smart Energy Efficient Districts

Motivation and objectives:

DAREED aims at delivering an IT service oriented platform to support decision-making and foster energy efficiency at district level. Project results will be validated via five pilots from three EU countries and, thus granting the possibility to generalize results and ensuring sustainability throughout Europe. The project targets decision-makers and energy providers at local level and is seeking to support them to overcome technological, financial and knowledge barriers and adopt new strategies for improving the energy performance.

Research strategy:

The energy supply chain models between different countries and regions may distinguish significantly, which means that the data sources needed for analyzing the energy performance of a district could be very different and with different quality and granularity level. From other side, the definition itself at state level what a “district” is and what are its characteristics could also vary among European regions. The DAREED methodology fights with this fragmentation by delivering a common methodology for district modelling. Then the research challenge is to combine dynamic with static data from one side (monitored data from targeted buildings with public available data related to geo-references, RES, total energy production/consumption etc) with transparent energy balance analysis at district level, from another (total consumption / production).  

Therefore DAREED will enhance knowledge sharing among stakeholders and support energy efficiency related decision-making at local level.

Expected outcomes:

The main project outcomes are related to the data management and data gathering model and could be further exploited on both modular solutions or integrated platform:

  •           Planning assessment and modelling tool
  •           intelligent knowledge base with integrated data quality and consistency checks
  •           Decision-support tool for the final end-users
  •           Monitoring and alerting tool
  •           Integrated IT service-oriented platform for decision-support 



Project Coordinator

Mrs. Elisa Moron Lopez
Avda. Isaak Newton 3
Parque Tecnologico Cartuja, 93
41092 Sevilla, Spain