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    Industry project

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Project name: Production-oriented product validation for reuse of assembly systems using the example of „oval assembly line“ (Assembly2Reuse)


Keywords: Expert systems, knowledge base, production-oriented product validation



Due to current buyers market the automotive industry is currently faced with the difficulty of increasing product variety while simultaneously coping with decreasing sales-volumes. In order to stay competitive, and offer cars at reasonable prices the OEMS have resulted to reuse existing production facilities for the production of new product models, while simultaneously keeping the present production program under way. This would result in the production of multiple product models on the same production line. In this context new concepts are needed, which allow for the integration of the requirements of the running production facilities in the product development process. This means that already in the early phase of product development it must be possible to make an informed assertion as to the manufacturability of a product on a specific production facility.


Research Strategy & Solution Statement:

The purpose of the project is the adaption of a methodology for production-oriented product validation in body shell work on a case study from the assembly construction. Furthermore the adapted methodology is to be implemented in a software tool. The research plan consists of the following steps:

  1. Analysis of the use case „oval assembly line“ regarding the classification and categorization of different assembly versions.
  2. Specification of the required validation objectives and rules.
  3. Modeling and implementation of the validation models in a software prototype.
  4. Implementation of a backward chaining algorithm for the evaluation of the validation models.
  5. Documentation and final report.



      Daimler AG