3DConFu: 3D reconstruction of rooms and intelligent configuration of furniture


3DConFu: 3D reconstruction of rooms and intelligent configuration of furniture

Project description and aim:

The SME-characterized furniture industry in Germany is dependent on the use of innovative solutions. On the one hand they are under growing competitive pressure due to the increasing asian furniture industry. On the other hand solutions are needed to cope with rising complaint rates and customer requirements. The project's approach are the customer communication and planning stages which are currently missing a suitable way for the customers to get a reliable and transparent idea of their future furniture or interior design.

The project aims for the development of a toolset which provides fast, flexible and cost-effective capture, 3D reconstruction and semantic interpretation of consisting premises or furniture models. Based on this data different approaches for visualization, interaction and configuration of furnitue in actual environment can be realized in 3D. Therefore it provides SME a cost-effective and customized solution which simultaneously reduces the number of complaints.



Project results:

During the project highly complex, parallelized algorithms for 3D-capture and reconstruction for a hand-guided scanner were developed (see also KinKon). The usability can be increased by displaying the data quality of the real time scanning. Furthermore a cost-efficient and widespread sensor of the consumer sector (Microsoft Kinect) was used. The algorithms' ability to record extensive scenarios distinguishes them from competing products. The scanner runs with high resolution and colour detection. Evaluating the developed algorithms for 3D capturing, reconstruction, segmentation and classification resulted in an application, which has proven the feasability of the project.