Felix Longge Michels, M.Sc.

  • Institut für Informationsmanagement im Ingenieurwesen (IMI)

    Kriegsstraße 77
    Gebäude 09.23
    76133 Karlsruhe


Felix Michels studied mechanical engineering at KIT, where he focused his studies on lifecycle engineering and robotics. In 2019 he finished his master degree designing and implementing a traffic simulation for a mixed reality driving simulator.

His current research topics focus on the development of virtual-, augmented- and mixed-reality applications in engineering context for the goal of generating and deploying hybrid twins. He has been programming for the development of the open-source Virtual-Reality Authoring tool PolyVR in C++, Python, html and Javascript.

Academic career at KIT
since 2018 Research Associate
Smart Immersive Environments
2017 - 2018 Student Assistant
VR, driving simulation, lectures and practical courses

Research Focus

  • Virtual Engineering, Hybrid Twins, I4.0, AI
  • Research and development of interactive applications and systems in XR
    • Interactive and immersive visualisation in XR
    • Interactive simulations for engineering in XR
  • Processing of semantic and spatial information
    • Ontologies, knowledge-graphs, AI
    • 3D-meshes, point-clouds
    • GIS-data


Consultation regarding lectures and practical courses with prior agreement via E-Mail.

Title Type Semester
Praktikum (P) SS 2022
Others (sonst.) SS 2022
Projekt (PRO) SS 2022
Projekt (PRO) SS 2022
Lecture / Practice (VÜ) SS 2022