B.Sc. Kiril Tonev

  • Kriegsstr. 77
    76133 Karlsruhe



Kiril Tonev studied Information Engineering and Management at KIT. Since July 2013 is he working as research associate at the IMI.

Titel Kurzbeschreibung Förderung

Decision support advisor for innovative business models and user engagement for smart energy efficient disctircs


Tornado aims to leverage semantic web technologies to evaluate the integrity of heterogeneous data, with particular focus on referential integrity. The goal of the project is to develop a web-based platform to evaluate the consistency of unstructured data sets with the help of reference ontologies.

Semantic Web for Information Modelling in Energy Efficient Buildings

EU-H2020 EeB-04-2014 Coordination and Support Actions

Development of an adaptable set of tools for strategic product planning


Knowledge-based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization



Industry: EnBW AG

ENER/C2/59-1/2010_CONCERTO Premium

Harmonisierung von Kunden- und Herstellersichten mittels Feedbackmanagement



  • semantic annotation of heterogene sources dates