WG 2: Virtual Engineering


The research objective of the Collaborative Networks group is the methodic support and optimization of the interdisciplinary cooperative work between users and systems from different engineering domains. The research is focused on the identification and development of information structures that remain robust throughout different disciplines and phases of the engineering process and can be used for the administration and organization of interdisciplinary cooperation during this process. Such structures facilitate the effective and efficient configuration and utilization of knowledge bases for complex problems solving in networked, virtual organizations. The starting point for the discovery and creation of robust structures are functional models, information processes and function-oriented ontologies.

This concept will be applied first and foremost to the following application domains: intelligent energy management for building complexes and production facilities, knowledge-based problem diagnosis in corporate networks, as well as collaborative design environments for ultra-mobile devices enhanced by innovative information security mechanisms. Characteristics that all these domains have in common are: complex information flows in highly networked organizational structures and systems, hardly manageable functional and causal dependencies between sub-systems and components, complex problem analysis and correction as well as the global impact of local modifications.




  • running: 
    • KnoHolEM: Knowledge-based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization
    • SimViDekont
  • completed: 
    • ImportNET: Intelligent modular open source Platform for intercultural and cross-domain SME-Networks (EU-FP6) (07/2006-06/2009) 


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