Virtual Reality Based Rapid Service Prototyping Tool

  • Autor:

    Polina Häfner, Matthes Elstermann, Victor Häfner, Jivka Ovtcharova

  • Quelle:

    Proceedings of EuroVR Conference 2016, Athene, Greece

  • Datum: 2016
  • Abstract of accompanied paper:

    New ways for service development are necessary to optimize communication and decision-making. Service prototyping is the concept to experience services and make them tangible. Here we presents a tool (work in progress) for rapid service prototyping based on a virtual reality authoring system. The tool has two main features: first to create service prototypes following best-practice methods in service design including the import and editing of heterogeneous data into the VR world. The second is enabling the direct experience and further manipulation of the service prototypes via virtual reality. The system architecture is based on knowledge management methods to handle heterogeneous data and tools, and an open-source virtual reality software, which enables the deployment on arbitrary virtual reality hardware. The targeted service prototyping concept, the accompanying techniques, and technologies should enable companies to improve their service development through better and faster evaluation and decision-making.