Agile product innovation management - value-driven planning of new products


The course is cancelled in winter semester

Contact person:

Thomas Maier


Lecture language German. Number of participants is limited to 25 persons.

Workload: Attendance time 26 h, self-study 94 h.


Learning objectives

  • Students are able to replicate the essential correlations, procedures and structure elements for the product / innovation planning and to use it as a guideline for the planning of new products.
  • Students get a basic understanding about agile innovation processes and are able to describe essential prerequisites.
  • Students are able to demonstrate the added value of a product in consideration of a system-oriented approach. In addition, they are able to interpret unique selling points (USP) 
  • Students are able to deduce the correlation between the added value of superior products and the creativity/innovation.
  • Students are able to apply methods and tools for digital product planning on specific use cases.
  • Students are able to explain elements and methods of computer-based ideas management and requirements modeling.
  • Students are able to describe the assistance for the product planning process in the development phase using RP-systems. Suitable 3D-Printing can be selected for specific use cases.