Virtual Engineering I

  • type: Lecture
  • chair: Inst. f. Information Management in Engineering
  • semester: Winter term 2019/2020
  • place:

    Bld. 30.41; Chemie-Hörsaal Nr. 2 (HS2)

  • time:

    Monday, 15:45 - 17:15

  • start: 14.10.2019
  • lecturer:

    Prof.Dr.Ing. Jivka Ovtcharova

  • sws: 2
  • ects: 4
  • lv-no.: 2121352
  • exam: 05.06.2020


Substitute date for the cancelled written exam on "Virtual Engineering I":

Virtual Engineering I (VE1) on Friday 05 June 2020 at 15:00 (Bldg. 01.13 large dining hall cafeteria)

Registration until 01. June, logoff deadline in the system is 03. June


If you do not want to take the exam in June, you must cancel the exam yourself in the campus system.

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lecture content:

The lecture presents the informational interrelationship required tor understandung the virtual product development process. For this purpose, an emphasis and focus will be placed on IT-systems used in the industrial sector as support for the process chain of virtual engineering:

  • Product Lifecycle Management refers to the entire lifecycle of the product, beginning with the concept phase up through disassembling and recycling.
  • CAx-Systems for the virtual product development allow the modeling of a digital product in regards to design, construction, manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Validation Systems allow the checking of the product in regard to static, dynamics, safety and ability.


learning target:

The goal of the lecture is to clarify the relationship between construction and validation operations through the usage of virtual prototypes and VR/AR/MR visualisation techniques in connection with PDM/PLM-systems. This will be achieved through an introduction to each particular system along with praxis-oriented exercises.