Sisi in the ALPS: A Simple Simulation and Verification Approach for PASS

  • Autor:

    Matthes Elstermann, Jivka Ovtcharova

  • Quelle:

    S-BPM ONE '18 Proceedings of the 10th Conference on Subject-oriented Business Process Management, ACM

  • Datum: 2018


Originally developed as a simple static computation tool (Simple Sim - SiSi), in this paper we describe the principle behind a pragmatic approach that is not only practical for simple calculation of lead times for process models in Abstract Layered PASS (ALPS), but also can serve as tool of structural soundness verification for the distributed and somewhat fractured descriptions of this subject-oriented process modeling language. It is the foundation for the first deployed tool that can handle soundness verification all of PASS including the multi-subject construct.