Towards a Shared Use Case Repository to support Building Information Modelling in the Energy Efficient Building domain

  • Autor:

    McGlinn, Kris; Weise, Matthias; Wicaksono, Hendro

  • Quelle:

    CIB W78 Conference Brisbane, Australia

  • Datum: 31.10.-02.11.2016
  • Data exchange and data sharing are one of the big challenges in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry and energy efficient building (EeB) domain. BIM open standards and lately the use of Semantic Web technologies provide a sound basis to implement exchange requirements derived from typical EeB use cases. However, the challenge remains to identify what models are available and how to align these with a particular use cases data requirements. This paper focuses on the application of an established methodology (Information Delivery Manual) adapted for the EeB domain and the application of the BIM*Q tool, which applies this methodology. The paper proposes to build-up a shared use case repository that collects detailed data Exchange Requirements as well as alignments to existing models to support projects when developing new use cases in the difficult task of aligning data requirements with models and standards.