A.R.T. GmbH tests successfully their new software: The "ART-Satellite-Merger" at LESC

In April ART’s new product „ART-Satellite-Merger“ was tested successfully at our Labs in LESC
Drive simulator with mobile 3D projection system
Test in LESC
Tests in LESC
Test in LESC


ART is a leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality. In addition, ART provides solutions for industrial measurement, medical applications and Motion Capture for ergonomics.
The KIT students develop a VR driving simulator during the virtual reality practical course using a real car as input device. One of the benefits of using a real vehicle for driving simulation is the intuitive human-machine interface, but on the other hand there is a problem of tracking the drivers head with the existing optical tracking system.
ART now offers a solution: “The ART-Satellite-Merger” is tracking in an occluded compartment inside a CAVE even if it moves during tracking operation. The tracking is achieved by the combination of two different tracking systems:
• a superordinate system captures the complete tracking volume including the tracking of the outer compartment (or car) via a reference target
• a sub tracking system covers the inside of the compartment (or car)
The ART-Satellite-Merger is then merging the two data streams in a way that all tracking data will be put out in the coordinate system of the superordinate system.