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Betriebsmanagement für Ingenieure und Informatiker

Betriebsmanagement für Ingenieure und Informatiker
type: Seminar (S) links:
: Master
chair: Inst. f. Information Management in Engineering (IMI), Department of Mechanical Engineering
semester: SS 2019

Geb. 09.23, Kriegsstraße 77, 76133 Karlsruhe, IMI-Seminarraum 5. OG


Di. 09:45 - 13:00 Uhr, 14tägig

start: 23.04.2019
lecturer: Peter Sebregondi
sws: 2
ects: 4
lv-no.: 2122303

Lecture in German language

Number of participants limited to 30 people.


New lecture in summer term 2019

Contact person:

Thomas Maier


Lecture language German. Number of participants is limited to 30 persons.

Workload: Attendance time 24 h, self-study 96 h.

Learning content

  • Competitive strategies, customer value, corporate cultures, lifecycles (technology, business, product), market leadership dynamics.
  • Continuum commoditization/differentiation.
  • Value chain, core and support functions.
  • A company’s business portfolio.
  • Profit margin sensitivity.
  • Profitable and non-profitable products, customers and businesses.
  • Drivers of a company’s value (McKinsey model), return on invested capital (ROIC), ROIC value driver tree.
  • Strategic planning
  • Capital investments, discounted cash flow analysis, quantifying of and dealing with risks, cost-estimating methodologies per planning stage.
  • Sales, procurement/purchasing, negotiation strategies

Learning objectives

  • better understand a company’s business, financials and their executives/decision makers
  • use the language and metrics of senior executives and hold effective conversations with them
  • more effectively sell a solution’s or project’s operational and financial value to executives and decision makers