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Research Associate
group: WG1: Process Engineering

 since April 2012  at Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering und Automation (IPA)




+49 711 970-1844


  • Automation of process planning in production through the equipping the production system with cognitive planning and scheduling capabilities and self-programming industrial robots.
  • Decision support regarding production planning in Production networks (Hierarchical and/or non-hierarchical)
  • Semantic knowledge-based Description of production resources and their capabilities.


 As research associate:

  • Know4CarAn Internet-based Collaborative Platform for Managing Manufacturing Knowledge (EU-FP7) (09/2011-03/2012)

  • e-CUSTOM: A Web-based Collaboration System for Mass Customization (EU-FP7) (06/2010-03/2012)
  • MyCar: Flexible assembly processes for the Car of the Third Millennium (EU-FP6) (07/2009-04/2011)
  • Assembly2ReuseProduction-oriented product validation for reuse of assembly systems using the example of „oval assembly line“ (Industry project) (10/2010-03/2011)
  • SimLay: Simulation based Layout Planning for Shop Floor  (Industry project) (10/2009-12/2010)
  • ImportNET: Intelligent modular open source Platform for intercultural and cross-domain SME Networks (EU-FP6) (05/2008-06/2009)

As student research assistance: 

  • X-Change: Flexible Change Management for the Factory of the Future (EU-FP6) (2007-04/2008)


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  • Marinov, M., Ovtcharova, J., Awad, R. (2009). Test Driven Design in der Mechatronik. PLM-Technologie.


Student Scientific Work

  • Completed seminar/research papers, diploma, bachelor and/or master theses:
  Research paper SimTool Integrated Office Development (SIOD) (Porsche)
  Research paper Generation of virtual 2D space models from image sequences(Open-Experience)
  Research paper Development of a methodology for early validation of tool accessibility in the automotive industry (Daimler)
  Research paper Planning, simulation and optimization of logistical processes in the shop floor under uncertainty regarding work piece flow (Fischer Group)
  Research paper Modelling of an assembly line for the side door of the C-Class using Delmia V5R19 (MyCar)
  Research paper Application of Digital-Mock-Ups for the validating the replacement processes of production resources (Fischer Group)
  Research paper Graph-based generation of layout variations for the shop floor (Fischer Group)
  Research paper Product Catalog Reporting Application (Pangora GmbH)
  Bachelor thesis Series-cross-process proposal for an integrated change management for special equipment (Daimler)
  Diploma thesis Value stream mapping in machine presses (Daimler)
  Diploma thesis Conceptual study for optimization of cockpit pre-assembly(Daimler)
  Diploma thesis Production-oriented product validation for reuse of assembly systems using the example of „oval assembly line“(Assembly2Reuse)
  Diploma thesis Decision-support methodology for decentralized production (e-CUSTOM)
  Diploma thesis Design and implementation of a product transport system for deployment in the microwave oven of an vending machine (Mikrowave Technology GmbH)
  Diploma thesis Integrated methodology for a holistic business processes optimization (VW-Consulting)
  Diploma thesis Development of a intelligent software module for semi-automatic tool design (Invenio GmbH)
  Diploma thesis Shop floor layout planning using Quadratic Assignment Problems (Fischer Group)