LESC – Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center


With the Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center (LESC) at IMI there is a facility emerging with modern  VR/AR/MR-technologies. The LESC serves as the central platform for the implementation, validation, evaluation, and demonstration of research results from the institute. Further it supports the intra- and inter-departmental cooperation between research departments at the Karlsruher Institute for Technology (KIT), and especially offers a professional environment for the interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and transfer of technology between research and industry.

In the Content Creation Lab numerous working places for training and development of CAx / PLM systems are avaible. The Collaboration Lab connected by a folding wall with the Virtual Environments Lab provides a perfect place for seminars, presentations and conferences. The Virtual Environments Lab has a modern seven channel stereoscopic projection system with ART tracking. In addition to the Mixed Reality Lab including a mobile projection unit energy-efficient solutions are developed in the Energy Experience Lab. The FDIBA Lab is the spatial and technical cooperation platform and the Tea Lab is the creativity pool for developing new and innovative ideas. 

The LESC  is managed in the core business by the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI).

To manage this new digital revolution, the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI), together with the Research Center for Information Technology and the industry partners, opened an Industry 4.0 Collaboration Lab at the Lifecycle Engineering Solutions Center (LESC) in Karlsruhe at the 24 Septeber 2014.