Digital Twin

The Digital Twin research group conducts research in the area of digital transformation using Industry 4.0 aspects.

Fields of research

Teilmodelle digitaler Zwillinge in den Phasen des Produktlebenszyklus M. Grethler
Digital twins in the different phases of the product life cycle.

In research and teaching, the Digital Twin Unit deals with approaches to smart engineering, i.e. with processes, methods and IT tools for the engineering of smart products and product service systems based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and also referred to as Industry 4.0 products. Concepts for the design and use of virtual twins play a central role in interaction with the respective real, physical products along the entire product life cycle.

Our research fields include:

  • Optimization of value chains
  • Virtual product development
  • Visualization and simulation of material flows and mechatronic production plants
  • Virtual prototyping of plants
  • Robotic Process Automation