Smart Immersive Environments

The Smart Immersive Environments (SIE) research group is dedicated to researching, developing and optimising the use of virtual reality technologies for engineering applications, in construction, in the laboratory and in industry. We cover the entire virtualisation cycle, from digitisation to smart virtual environments in immersive systems.

Fields of Research

Immersive Environments
Immersive Environments

A special focus is on the development of the virtual reality system PolyVR, in which results from research and industry projects have been sustainably integrated since 2009. This allows synergies to be built up and significantly more complex applications to be implemented. This is the basis for being able to research current topics efficiently.

Development of intelligent immersive applications in the following areas of engineering:
  • Industry 4.0: Virtual/hybrid twins, virtual factory.
  • Civil Engineering: Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Energy: Renewable energy and energy efficiency
  • Future of work: immersive work environments, collaboration, learning and teaching.
Research goals and topics:
  • Automation of the virtualization process for the creation of hybrid twins.
  • Algorithms for segmentation and semantic processing of spatial data such as GIS and 3D scans.
  • Geometry analysis for semi-/automated simulation parameterization
  • Interactive simulations in XR
  • Virtual commissioning of machines and plants
  • Synchronous and asynchronous immersive collaboration and development of novel interaction paradigms for XR systems
  • Methods for cost-benefit capture and analysis of XR technologies to support investment decisions
Technologies and tools used:
  • Methods and strategies of virtual engineering
  • Development of the Virtual Reality Engine "PolyVR
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence

For our research we have the laboratories of the Center for Artificial Intelligence Talents (CAIT) at our disposal.

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Dr.-Ing. Postdoctoral researcher and head of the research group "Collaborative Immersive Environments". polina haefner does-not-exist.kit edu
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Virtual Collaboraiton Laboratories Baden-Württemberg

Dr. Ing. Polina Häfner

PolyVR is a virtual reality 3D engine with main focus is the scalability of hardware setups and scene authoring and management.
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