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Cross-industry study on configuration management

Branchenübergreifende Studie zum Konfigurationsmanagement
Cross-industry study on configuration management

High expectations regarding to ensure a high level of quality and safety for products, facilities and services led to the leading role of configuration mangement (CM) as meaningful management discipline.

Its area of use is the development, realisation respectively operation of products, facilities and services based on complex requirement profiles.

The institute IMI did in cooperation with specialists of the P3 Group a cross-industry study on configuration mangement. A maturity-assurance method was used in order to make different knowledge levels regarding various industries comparable. This study structed in varios strategic dimensions offers a deep insight to the application of CM in different industries. Furthermore specific enprise sizes regarding to CM were analysed and compared. Based on this study specific action areas and improvement potentials could be identified.

Cross-industry benchmark

  • IT
  • Communication
  • Transport
  • Health care
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Military/ Defense / Government
  • Service
  • Electronics