Advanced CATIA


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Learning contents:

The participant will learn the following knowledge:    

  • Use of advanced CAD techniques and CATIA functionalities
  • Management of data using the PLM system SmarTeam
  • Design engineering with CAD
  • Integration of partial solutions into the averall solution
  • Ensuring the reusability of CAD models through parameterization and cataloging
  • Validation, strength tests (FEM analysis)
  • Kinematic simulation with the digital mockup (DMU Kinematics)
  • Production with integrated CAM tool
  • Animations
  • Presentation of results at the end of the semester


Learning targets:

At the workshop, a complete CAD model of a transmission is developed.

The design problem is worked out in small groups. Using a basic sketch the participants have to design partial solutions independently, test and then integrate them into the overall solution. The advanced capabilities of CATIA V5 are dealt with. The design process should be simulated from idea to finish model.

The focus is on independent solution finding, teamwork, functional performance, production and design.

Study requirements:

Very good knowledge of Machine Design and an excellenty passed CAD practical course CATIA at the IMI are required.