Dr.-Ing. Polina Häfner

  • Research associate
  • Virtual Reality, Immersive Learning Environments
  • group: Smart Immersive Environments
  • office hours: nach Vereinbarung
  • room: 312 Kriegstr.77, D-76133 Karlsruhe
  • phone: +49 721 608-44157
  • fax: +49 721 608-43984
  • polina haefnerZoc3∂kit edu
  • Institute for Information Management in Engineering 

    Kriegstr. 77
    76133 Karlsruhe



Polina Häfner (born Stoyanova) studied from September 2004 to March 2009 at the Faculty of German Engineering Education and Industrial Management (FDIBA) of the Technical University of Sofia according to the University of Karlsruhe (KIT) computer science curriculum. She wrote the bachelor thesis "Methods of Virtual Reality for configuring a product by customer co-design" at the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) at the University of Karlsruhe in cooperation with the FDIBA faculty. From April 2009 to May 2012 she studied informatics at the KIT. Her diploma thesis "Development of an intuitive, easy-to-use human-machine interface for immersive environments" dealt with one of the challenging topics of virtual reality - the interaction. During her studies at the KIT she worked as a research assistant at the IMI. She participated in different projects (MINT-Box Drive, EMO-VR) and developed the course "Virtual Reality Practical Course", which she still supervises. Since June 2012 she is a researcher at the IMI and deals mainly with basic and applied research in the field of Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction and virtual learning environments. In September 2020, Mrs. Häfner successfully defended her doctoral thesis on "Holistic Approach for Authoring Immersive and Smart Environments for the Integration in Engineering Education". 


  •  Immersive Visualization for Virtual Reality (VR) und Mixed Reality (MR) 
  •  Immersive and Intelligent Learning Environments
title short description funding


VIEW-BW - Visualisierung der Energiewende in Baden-Württemberg

Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

For the project "DriveSim", IMI team develops a novel intelligent driving simulator that is tailored to the needs of the Chinese driving school students using technology like virtual reality and artificial intelliegence to create experience closest to reality.

KIT TT Project 

"Multidimensional Service Prototyping" and development of tecniques and tecnologies for "Rapid-Service-Prototyping"


3DConFu: 3D reconstruction of rooms and intelligent configuration of furniture


BMWi, ZIM Cooperation project

Experiencing Physical and Technical Phenomena in Schools Using Virtual Reality Driving Simulator

 Baden-Württemberg Stiftung foundation

Knowledge-based energy management for public buildings through holistic information modeling and 3D visualization



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