Artificial Intelligence

The aim of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the IMI is to create and study intelligent human-centered systems in reality-like environments. 


We perform fundamental research on theory and algorithms for complex interacting systems, and apply our results to design smart systems and to understand processes in diverse fields such as advanced manufacturing, materials science, biology, neuroscience, or politics. We develop cutting-edge novel methods for Artificial Intelligence, including tools for statistical learning, unsupervised machine learning, data science, and applied mathematics. 
Examples of applications of our research include the new generation of Smart Energy Networks in Europe, the Internet of Things, AI for advanced manufacturing, systems of autonomous robots, Cyber-Physical Systems, Deep Learning, systems in virtual and augmented reality, and automated analysis of social, industrial, and political networks.

We demonstrate the positive impact of our results on economy and society by actively supporting the transfer of our innovations and technologies to practice. We have a number of industry partnerships, and collaborations with businesses and organizations, both national and global.