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project group:

FG 2: Knowledge Management


Internes Projekt

Smart Energy and Resource Usage Management (SERUM)


Smart Energy and Resource Usage Management (SERUM)

SERUM is a tool set for supporting decision making to improve energy and resource efficiency in buildings, factories and cities. It works on five basis technologies:

  1. a knowldege base containing semantic representation of objects (e.g. building, factory, proces, actor, behavior, etc.) supported by a relational database. OWL that offers higher degree of expresiveness is the language used to represents the semantics.
  2. a set of KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Database)/machine learning algorithms to extract rules and relationships on big data and to translate the results to OWL-compatible representation such as SWRL
  3. a set of reasoning algorithms for different decision making process, such as prediction, identification of anomalies, etc.
  4. a method to map different object representations (e.g. IFC, CAD, XML) to OWL
  5. an universal interface to different automation technologies (sensors and actuators)


Through those basis technologies SERUM offers the following functionalities:

  • Automated identification and warning message of energy waste in a building or a factory
  • Automated identification of potential improvements in energy and resource usage of users and processes in a building or a factory
  • Remote controlling of heterogenous affected objects