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Smart Immersive Environments

The field of research of the group Smart Immersive Environments is the development of virtual reality applications as virtual engineering tool, in particular the optimization of human machine interfaces in respect to new paradigmas of interaction. The Smart Virtual Environments research group main goals are the visualization for virtual validation of models and simulations, the development of intelligent virtual environments and the perfect virtual reality human interaction. To facilitate these tasks we develop tools like virtual reality engine PolyVR, algorithms for 3D scanning and motion capturing with affordable depth sensors and conduct fundamental studies for better understanding the human-machine interaction in virtual environments focusing on cognition, natural interaction and emotions assessment.


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DigiFab Project

We work on integrating BIM and virtual factory to virtualize the new production facility from WIBU Systems AG in Karlsruhe.

FG 3: Smart Immersive Environments

Immersive Environments
Immersive Environments

Fields of research: 


  • development of intelligent immersive applications in the following engineering fields:

- Education and Training
- Virtual Factory
- Energy Efficiency

  • Optimization of Human-Machine-Interface in virtual enviroments
  • Develpment of novel interaction paradigms for VR and MR systems
  • Develpment of the Virtual Reality authoring tool „PolyVR“
  • Wide-ranging 3D scan and 3D reconstruction with affordable depth sensors
  • Algorithms for dynamical generation of  extensive virtual worlds



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DigiFab - Digitale Fabrik für den Mittelstand

PolyVR is a virtual reality 3D engine with main focus is the scalability of hardware setups and scene authoring and management.

VIEW-BW - Visualisierung der Energiewende in Baden-Württemberg

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Zukunft der Arbeit in Industrie 4.0, Automonik für Industrie 4.0, Bundesministerium Wirtschaft und Energie 

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Best paper award


Handfest, Alexander; Schröder, Michael; Grefe, Philip; Carra, Pablo; Häfner, Polina

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Best Paper Award

11-13 December 2013