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I4.0 Systems platform

I4.0 Systems platform
type: Project Seminar links:
chair: Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) / Dep. of Mechanical Engineering
semester: Summer term 2020

Kriegsstrasse 77, IMI I4.0-Lab, 3rd floor


Mo 09:00 till 13:00

start: 27.04.2020

Prof.Dr.Ing. Jivka Ovtcharova

sws: 4
ects: 4
lv-no.: 2123900

Launch event Monday 27 April 2020, course in German language

General information:

Language: German    Contact: Thomas Maier

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students are able to describe the fundamental concepts, challenges, and objectives of Industrie 4.0. The essential terms in context of information management can be named and explained.

  • Students can explain the necessary information flow between the different IT systems. They get practically knowledge about using current IT systems in context of I4.0, from order to production.

  • In context of I4.0 students are able to represent and analyze processes using specialized methods of process management.

  • Teams of students  are able to understand practice-relevant I4.0 issues concerning continuous information flow  and discuss  and provide proposals for solutions.

  • Student teams can also provide prototypically implementation of the obtained solutions using given IT systems and present the final results.


Industry 4.0, IT systems for fabrication (e.g.: CAx, PDM, CAM, ERP, MES), process modelling and execution, project work in teams, practice-relevant I4.0 problems, in automation, manufacturing industry and service.

Latest information

Kick-Off winter-term project Mo. 21. Okt. 2019 at 09:00 at CAIT (IMI, 3rd floor, Kriegsstrasse 77)
IMI I4o-Thema WS1920

For more details see German web page.